Taipan Sight (Crosshair)

Taipan Sight (Crosshair)


designed to facilitate the destruction of enemies in the process of the World battle tanks fields. «TAIPAN» SIGHT (CROSSHAIR) 

– Copy the “mods” folder to:
“\World of Tanks”

«TAIPAN» Sight (Crosshair) displays on the screen all the necessary parameters: the distance to the enemy machine, the total charging time, the percentage of the remaining health points in your tank and so on.

Reduction in sight is a nice feature. It shows the thickness of the armor of the tank and the level broneprobitiya your projectile. Very convenient solution that helps determine whether you will be able to break through the enemy. Depending on the color of the indicator, you can decide whether a shot. If the color is green – you can safely shoot when the indicator is colored red or yellow, it is best to look for a place in the armor is weaker.



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