Hit Zones – ProTanki

Hit Zones – ProTanki


Hit zones skins activated when you are aiming on the tank.
Rest of the time, all tanks look as usual.

World of Tanks is so popular project that many of the users have started to create his own different modes to play, making it easier and much better gameplay. It is no secret that one of the most popular mods are “skins” allow to give technology a certain appearance and in most cases. Different symbol on the technique allow us to understand exactly where to shoot at your opponent. So you will  inflict maximum damage to the crew and internal modules. On the one hand it is good as it allows emerging victorious from the complex and unpleasant situations. But on the other hand, this modification tremendously spoils the aesthetic appearance of the entire tank, which is much worse and spoil the experience. At first it was a big problem, so they had to choose between performance and graphics, but now everything has changed, thanks to a new advanced mode called “aesthetic skins” for World of Tanks of ProTanki.

What is in them such an interesting and surprising? It’s pretty simple, the developers just took the fashion and created a unique modification that allows you to enjoy the aesthetics and the right time to cause skin. That is, until you just ride on the location, everything looks as it should be. But it is necessary to restore sight to the opponent, so he immediately appears skin for identification of all essential weaknesses . This allows you to enjoy the game and keep their efficiency in combat at altitude. Hit Zones – ProTanki

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Hit Zones + Zoom Effect - ProTankiHit Zones + Zoom Effect - ProTankiHit Zones + Zoom Effect - ProTanki


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